Portrait of Artist Ted Zamy Dorvil

                                                  Ted Zamy Dorvil



For me, art is my life, passion. I feel this abundant joy when I am painting. My painting subjects are abstract,universal, ancestral, and historic. ; I incorporate the lifestyle of my ancestors Afro-taïnos in my paintings. I want to enlightened people's soul through my paintings. My art makes you see life in vivid colors.The joy that I feel when painting, I want to share it with my audience.

Later , i attended ENARTS ( Ecole Nationale des Arts ) where he received formal artistic training and graduated in 4 years . Nowadays my works are found in the homes of collectors around the world. I'm considered as a genius of light and color in the Antilles.

In 2014 , i received the title of Knight of academician and ambassador of  Haiti by Global Art Academy,  an organization based in France, specializes in the research and promotion of talented artists around the world .



2016  - Gallerie Agwe Art3f,France

          -Collective exhibition in the Embassy of Haiti Paris.

           -Collective exhibition at the Office of Tourism Vitre in                 Bretagne, France.

          -27th Invitational of Small works in New York.


2015    -Gallerie Agwe Art3f,France,Lyons.

            -Gallerie Agwe Art3f,France,Metz.

            -Gallerie Agwe Art3f,France,Nantes.




2014  - Great first in Guadeloupe, galleries Michele Cazanove

          -I galleries Guadeloupe

          - Gallery Agwe Art3f en France (Lyons, Montpellier)



2013 - Exhibition of end of the year at the American Embassy - in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.



2010 - Exhibition at Artes Américas (Miami)

         -Exhibition to Multitudes Gallery (Miami



2009 - Personal exhibition of Ted Zamy Dorvil at Arts festival


2008 - Exhibition at the Embassy of Brazil (Haiti)

         -Exhibition of year-end Festival Arts (Collective exhibition



2014 - The Hotel Karibe contest winner.



-Le Nouvelliste.

-France Antille.

-Published in the new book of World Art Academy.





#8 Croix des Bouquets Santo 11 Village Depio


    #43 rue magny petion ville (Festival arts)


    Tel.: (509) 3448-6002 / (509) 3201-3842




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